Gibson J200 Custom 2006


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If the Gibson J-45 is known as a workhorse acoustic, the SJ-200 is something else. This giant of a guitar is a thoroughbred, large of size and sound, stunning in looks, and is known by guitarists the world over as King of the Flat Tops…

All Hail King of the Flat Tops!

Although it first appeared in Gibson’s catalogue in 1938, the first SJ-200s were crafted in ‘37. So let’s throw that 80th birthday right now. After all, the J-200 is probably the most famous acoustic guitar ever built. And much of the reason for that is, like it or not, visual.

With its 17-inch-wide body, the original Super Jumbo was bigger than the biggest. Louder than the loudest. Fancier than the fanciest! With its floral pickguard, mustache bridge, and “crest” fingerboard inlays, the SJ-200 made a more flamboyant aesthetic splash than any of its competitors.


Here we have another beautiful looking and sounding guitar, it’s the Gibson Custom Shop J-200 with unbelievable quilted maple back and sides. This guitar is nothing short of “Stunning”. When you get this guitar in your hands, you don’t want to put it down. The sound is so rich, and the playability is beyond words. So, instead of me rambling on with words, take a look at the photos I have attached to this listing, and see for yourself what I’m talking about. This guitar was made with such incredible woods, it’s a true work of art! The original Gibson hard shell case comes along with the guitar. If you have any questions regarding this or any other guitars I have for sale, feel free to either email me or call . Thank you!