Selmer Constellation 1964 with Flight Case


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It dates from Selmer’s ‘crocskin’ period, 1963 – 1965, a very exciting period for music and equipment.

At that time, countless bands were working hard, turning themselves into hit-makers and songwriters. Some even had day-jobs, including two future members of The Small Faces who worked at Selmer’s London factory: Kenney Jones on assembly and Ronnie Lane, testing amps. Did Ronnie Lane test this one? As a Small Faces fan, my imagination says, “of course he did!” 

Valve/tube lineup: power amp 2 x 6AQ5A, pre amp 2 x ECC83/12AX7, rectifier 1 x EZ80, “magic eye” 1 x 6E5.


Rare 1964 Selmer Truvoice Constellation 14 for sale in excellent condition, serviced and sounding superb. The croc-skin case of this amp is generally very clean but does have some scuffs and scrapes as shown in the photos. The grill cloth had been damaged at some point, but has been carefully-repaired, included in the photos is a picture showing the damage before and after repair.

Click on the photos to zoom in – plenty of detailed shots.

Sounds superb. Quiet for an amp of this vintage after some careful service work.

This is the cosmetically-enhanced (with croc skin finish) and renamed model that followed the earlier Stadiums, famously-used by the Beatles in their Hamburg days, and also by the Shadows as their main amp pre May 1960. Giving a respectable 14 watts output, this amp includes the original footswitch for the tremolo – with blinking eye indicator on the front of the amp.

These are stunning amps and not easy to find in any condition.

It has the fabulous ‘blinking eye’ trem circuit which looks very cool and sounds great. Has just had a thorough and sympathetic service with our vintage amp expert. He’s kept everything as original as possible, but has worked wonders on the sound – old Selmers can have a tendency to hum, but this one’s now very quiet in operation – a stunning job.

These amps are pretty rare, and don’t come up to often in any condition, this one happens to be in as new condition.
About the amp, it is in all original condition and comes with some of the original valves and foot pedal.
Speaker is the original, the electronics are in good working condition.
Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask

Comes with full fight case, and original guarantee one owner from new.

Thanks for looking.

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Recent service information

  • Removed preamp and power amp chassis from cabinet, undertake visual inspection. The amp is in very original condition with only minor component changes. Mains cable is old red/black/green colour coding but in serviceable condition and earth is connected to chassis via solder lug. Mains plug has 5amp fuse fitted. The output valves and phase splitter are new JJs, the remainder are a mix of period valves including Mullards.
  •   Removed and tested valves, all within serviceable limits, the EF86 preamp valves are starting to become microphonic, but not yet affecting the amplifier’s tone.
  •   Tested capacitors, ESR (equivalent series resistance) within serviceable limits, one new capacitor in the power amp has been previously fitted.
  •   Cleaned all controls and valve bases using Servisol