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Trace Elliot TA100R with Hard Flight Case


The Trace Elliot TA100R is a two channel acoustic guitar amplifier designed in the UK and made in the USA. Channel 1 is the HIGH Z or HIGH IMPEDANCE channel and will be the one most commonly used for plugging your instrument pick up or transducer into. Two inputs have been provided on this channel to cope with the wide variety of different types of acoustic instrument pick ups and the equally wide variation in signal level from different pick up and instrument combinations. The first of these is the PIEZO / LO-LEVEL input. This input is designed to suit any kind of pick up that does not have its own built in preamp. This includes piezo transducers and wound pick ups that are either built into the instrument or attached to it in some way. The input has an extremely high input impedance that is essential for piezo pick ups to allow them to reproduce a rich and full sound, into a lower impedance they can sound thin and tinny. This very high impedance input also gives excellent results with wound or other types of passive transducer. The second input is the ACTIVE / HI-LEVEL input. This input should be used with instruments that have inbuilt electronics with a large signal output as these could overload the input stage of the PIEZO / LO-LEVEL input. The five bands of graphic equalization offered have their centre frequencies chosen specifically to suit acoustic instruments and may be used to adjust the overall sound of the amplifier. All of this great tone runs to the 4 5″ speakers.

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